Painting in the Studio Higos Y Mas

Painting in the Studio.. Higos y Mas

Its been long on my mind to get into the studio to create larger work of Art. Yes I am always creating of some sort. Yet my thoughts are on Large Canvases and brushstrokes you can swim in.
Usually working in Acrylic I am now researching adding some Oil paint over the Acrylic. The Acrylic serves as a gesso so to speak so the archival and resist factor is suitable. I have prepared all the Canvases and just received the delivery of a 4ft x6ft Canvas.

Since the Passing of my Father Leopoldo Cardenas Gonzalez in Dec 09, I have only painted smaller scale works & several Ceramics. The “Infanta Series” are in memory of  my Dad. Infanta the youngest of the Royal Court in Spain. He often refered to me as “La Infanta” His youngest.

The Still Life “Fig”  Series is also in his memory. He often frequented a home on Fremont Ave in South Pasadena that sold Figs. Prior to meeting the owners who did in fact sell their figs. He invited Himself into the garden in need of a Taste of their figs.LOL only to hear the story of a large Dog appear after him..
He running faster than we had seen him run in years.. Smiling at the fact he had indeed escaped with a taste!

If you pass that home on Fremont Ave in South Pasadena, CA.,stop in. The folks there are quite nice.
The Figs needless to say as sweet as can be! I like mine with a cold glass of Milk.. “Lactaid of course”

My Dads photo hangs in my studio to remind me his is always looking after his Maja Infanta…

(Higo /Fig , Spanish
(Maja or Guapa / Charming or Beauty, Spanish)

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