Quetzal wins Grammy…. I’m honored to hand paint Martha Gonzalez’s dress!


Quetzal… are one of my favorite Artists/ Musicians! I received a message from Martha Gonzalez lead singer requesting I paint on a dress for the Grammy’s. I suggested Rebecca Moreno from Goldsmith Klein . Rebecca is incredible at her designs and a long time friend. There were a few fittings at my studio. I found myself Friday night looking at a dress that was to be worn on Sunday at the Grammys! Think of it as a canvas, I kept thinking!

I painted with thoughts of Martha a Artist I admire more than words can describe.
I consider Quetzal …shaman, healers, and soul shakers.

When I presented Martha the dress at my studio Sat I realized how important this collaboration
was. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw how much she loved it. Martha is also wearing the Jewelry designs of “El Maestro” Sergio Flores.


Art transforms the energy of this earth! Thank you Martha for the opportunity to share in your magic!


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