Natasha Marin Portrait Ceramic Vase

Cheech and Natasha Marin have been collecting my works of Art for several years now.
I was honored when I was commissioned to create a portrait of Natasha.
The Marin’s have several Artists that they Collect, so when I was asked I was so excited!!
The “Natasha Marin” portrait was then presented in a article for the American Art Collector Magazine.

Natasha is branding a line of Art, Jewelry and Clothing. Natasha Marin The collaboration is born!
Natasha Commissioned a line of Ceramic Vases with her portrait on them.
It was exciting to create these vases!


Limited edition Ceramic Vases created with Natasha Marin Portrait


The unveiling of the Ceramics


A great Collaboration! Thank You Natasha… We are working on our next 2014 collaboration!!

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